Pointers before Sending your First Campaign

Before sending your first campaign, make sure these items have been completed:

Initial Subscriber list

This list includes information such as registration date, location, segments, and so on. Unsubscribed and bounced user information must be included too. Notes and instructions on how the list should be structured on MailChimp is also helpful to your Customer Success Manager.

Ematic filters and organises the list and comes up with a plan to safely import

Target date for the first mailing

Your Customer Success Manager should be notified of the first campaign. The campaign is sent via your ESP (Email Service Provider). This is so the Customer Success team can accurately plan and execute the initial setup.

Pause billing on your previous ESP account (if there is any)

In the case of migrating from one ESP to another (or even within the same ESP to a different account), remember to pause your current ESP billing before the start of your new ESP account.

Info: The old account must be paused accordingly to avoid double-billing. Ematic will only be responsible for the new account.

Mailing frequency

Let your Customer Success Manager know how often you plan to send campaigns per week so we can calibrate Hi-iQ’s settings.

Tips: Ematic recommends sending campaigns at least 3 times per week or 12 times per month for optimum results.

From name and From email address

Your preferred sending email address should be provided. Before an email can be used for sending, the domain used for the sending email address must be verified. You will receive a verification email. This email should be forwarded over to your Customer Success Managers who will assist you with the account. Your Customer Success Manager will verify the domain on MailChimp through the verification code found on the forwarded email. The email address used for the verification email does not need to match the sending email, but the domains must match.

Info: A domain is anything that follows the @ symbol.

Newsletter samples

One optimised campaign template will be prepared by Ematic.

Tips: Ematic recommends sending previous newsletters or mock ups that can be used as references. You can forward any images necessary for the template, for example, logos, banners and so on in high resolution format to your Customer Success Manager. Notes or instructions on brand guidelines will also be very helpful.

##Google Analytics

Ematic needs to read, analyze and access your Google Analytics account for generating accurate reports and recommendations. Read and analyze access must be given to googleanalytics@ematicsolutions.com.

Info: The Google Analytics account should be integrated with your MailChimp account as well as to ensure tracking for each campaign.