Rehab Attempts

A rehabilitation is one of Hi-iQ’s key features. Its goal is to prevent a Non-engaged subscriber from further falling down the Non-engaged route.

Rehabilitation attempts are to avoid email fatigue on Non-engaged subscribers by allowing them time to cool-off.

This is how a campaign lifecycle works:

  1. A series of campaigns are sent to your subscribers.

  2. Those who opened or clicked that campaign will fall into the Engaged group, and will continue to receive your campaigns.

  3. Those who did not react recently to those campaigns will fall into the Non-engaged group.

  4. The Non-engaged group will go through a Rehab period, where they will not receive any campaigns for a given time.

  5. At the end of the Rehab period, a Rehab attempt is performed. A Rehab attempt means that a campaign is sent out to attempt to re-engage the Non-engaged subscribers.

  6. If a Non-engaged subscriber engages to the Rehab attempt, then they are put back to the Engaged group, where they will again start receiving regular mailing.

  7. If a Non-engaged subscriber does not engage to the Rehab attempt, they will be put back to another Rehab period for a given time.

You can also view the user distribution acorss different rehab attempts for any custom date range, which can be picked from the time frame selector on the top right.