How does Retry-iQ work?

Retry-iQ is Ematic’s automations suite, retargeting your subscribers based on their interactions and behaviours on your website, or mobile application. By sending templates with dynamic content based on the data we received for a subscriber’s session, Retry-iQ helps you make the most out of missed opportunities for conversion, automatically.

There are various campaign types that can be configured to your requirements, with content specific to your brand. Retry-iQ has split testing capability, and the power to send a series of messages with varying content each time.

Retry-iQ is designed not to spam, so you will only send an acceptable volume of mail to a single subscriber. The suppression rules are defaulted based on our data analysis, but can be configured to be more or less aggressive, depending on your preferences.

Is it possible for a user to get 2 of the same messages on the same day?

Ideally no. We have a configurable suppression logic that can be set to send only one of the Retry-iQ messages in a day. However, it can be done if there is a need to send more than one to the same user.

How many follow-ups can I send for each message?

A maximum of 10 follow-ups can be sent for each of the Retry-iQ message. However, the performance will drastically drop after each message, and there might not be much effect from messages down in the lifecycle.

How are products chosen in the AC and ABP message? Is there an order?

A maximum of 5 products are chosen for both AC and ABP. The logic behind choosing the 5 products is: