What is the signup process?

A signup process is a manual enlisting for an Ematic plan. It entails filling out forms and signing a contract.

How do I integrate my Google Analytics data to Ematic?

To project a robust performance on your Ematic Dashboard, you will need to integrate Google Analytics. Learn how: Integrate Google Analytics.

Do you provide assistance in content creation?

Your Customer Success Managers conduct a review on campaigns that are. scheduled to be sent out, they can suggest ways to present your content, however, you must supply all content.

Do you have a 24/7 support team?

Your Customer Success Managers can support and accommodate all queries between 9:00 - 18:00 your local time.

How do we contact Ematic?

You can contact your Customer Success Manager by email using the given distribution list.

When will I start getting charged?

Right after the order form has been signed, an invoice is sent to indicate the agreed amount has been charged to the credit card on file.

Is there a lock-in period?

There is no lock in period, but there is a pilot phase. It is the stage where we test your Ematic subscription and give us a chance to show you the progress and benefits of signing up with Ematic.

What browsers will work for Ematic products?

The Performance Dashboard is a web-based application that can be supported by Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

What are the accepted modes of payments?

Credit cards are accepted and processed by Stripe through the Performance Dashboard.

Is it better to have a dedicated IP address for sending email campaigns instead of using the default IP address of our ESPs?

We can’t answer with a straight yes or a straight no, both circumstances have pros and cons. When you start using new IP addresses that ISPs are unfamiliar with, it may take them a while for the ISP to realize that it is not SPAM and that your IP address operates legitimately. This does not occur when you use the default IP address of your ESP because it is already known to ISPs.

To help you decide which will be more beneficial for your organization, see Should You Send From a Dedicated IP Address? (Obtained from MailChimp on October 17, 2017 available on

How much are the Ematic products?

Ematic product pricing depends on the number of your subscribers. The basic monthly plan for Hi-iQ starts at USD99 for customers with 0 to 25,000 subscribers.

Go to Ematic Pricing to get a quote for our Hi-iQ product.

What is a Pilot phase? How long is it?

Pilot phase is the stage where you can try and get a feel of your preferred Ematic plan. It can take up to three months.

Does Ematic charge in SGD or USD?

Ematic charges in USD.

What are the e-Commerce platforms I can integrate with?

You can integrate with Magento, Shopify, Haravan, Big Commerce and WooCommerce. Learn more in our API Doc.

I don’t have an engineer. Does Ematic provide the setup service?

We do have Customer Success Engineers (CSE) who can assist you with setting up our products.

How do I cancel my plan?

As much as we hate seeing you leave, we will respect your decision. Please advise your Customer Success Manager and allow us 30 days to process your request.