ESP - Email Sender Provider

What is an ESP?

ESP stands for Email Sender Provider. It is a company or a service that acts as a vessel to send out your email marketing campaigns.

Does my current ESP still send out my marketing emails in conjunction with my Ematic products?

Yes, your ESP will continue to be the sender of your marketing emails. That process will not change. Ematic products add an intelligence layer to your subscriber list and returns an optimised list of subscribers directly to your ESP. This will allow you to choose your target for your subsequent email campaigns.

Which ESPs can integrate with Ematic?

Ematic can integrate with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, GetResponse, Emarsys, and Responsys. If you are using any of the mentioned ESPs, that’s half the setup process, so let’s plug and play!

Why can I only use 1 MailChimp account?

Ematic insists on using only 1 ESP account for the following reasons:

Is there a security layer when using ESPs?

We integrate and communicate with ESPs through secure API calls using HTPPS. Data stored is encrypted.

Will Ematic change our mailing process?

No, you will still have control over how you set up campaigns the same way you usually do with your ESPs. However, another list that will allow you to choose the targeting for your campaigns will be available when Hi-iQ is implemented.