Bye-iQ Experiment Data

The Experiment Data tab on the Bye-iQ page allow you to monitor the performance of Bye-iQ overlays per trigger set on your website.

It shows the performance in terms of the following:

  1. Subscription Rate: The rate of subscription of emails collected via Bye-iQ overlays

  2. Eligible: The unique number of users who are eligible to view the overlay

  3. Impressions: The total number of times Bye iQ overlay has appeared.

  4. Subscribers: Number of email contacts collected via Bye-iQ overlays

A/B Testing

Bye-iQ enables you to conduct A/B testing or split testing. A/B testing allows you to compare between two different overlays to learn more about your customer’s behaviours. You can monitor the progress of each experiments and it’s A/B testing on this table. Your customer success managers will also be monitoring the progress and will be switching one of the overlays off when there is a winner among them. That way, you’ll get more subscribers almost guaranteed!

The Experiment Data tab also shows you the performance split between the different A/B versions that capture subscribers during the specified timeframe.